The so-called “Law of Attraction” (as seen in movies like “The Secret” and “What the bleep do we know”) maintains that our thoughts create our reality. This idea ranges from thoughts forming our interpretations or perceptions of reality, to thoughts causing our feelings, intentions and responses, to the concrete material and physical--that thoughts manifest money, parking spaces, soulmates, luxury cars, beautiful homes, perfect health, high-paying jobs, or whatever else we (or better said our Ego) may desire. 

We will explore the topic of the “Law of Attraction” from an Integral Mindfulness perspective so that you can make it work for you. We will first look at how your brain perceives the world through your senses and indeed “creates” your reality. This insight will give you more emotional freedom and choices to respond instead of following behavioral patterns. This enables you to realize or move into so far unrealized potentials that create or “attract” a new reality. You can then also differentiate narcissistic, childish, superstitious, or magical thinking from transrational intuition, creativity, and guidance to realize your fullest human potentials and living your purpose.


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