Book to learn and practice how to improve your dates and love relationships by becoming aware of the five love languages. Identify which of the five is your and your partners primary and secondary expression and how to give and receive love and appreciation. A simple test that we will offer will reveal the answers. We will then form groups for each primary love language to learn about people’s favorite expressions.

If you are single, you may send the test to your date before you meet and gain valuable insights. It also makes for great conversations that go deeper than just talking about the weather or how your day was. Explore together if you would rather have a partner who shares your primary and secondary love language, which is advised for people at earlier stages of consciousness development, or if you’d rather be with someone who complements your love languages so that you can create synergy, expand your horizon, and spice up your relationship.

If you are a couple (or decide to become one) each of you may make a list with 30 or more things that make you feel loved and share it with your partner. You can then develop a habit of doing at least one thing from each other’s list every day. Once you have a better understanding of what makes your partner feel loved, you can become creative with your own ideas and surprise him or her.

The Love Languages are not only relevant for couples. Children, family members, friends, co-workers and associates all have a primary and secondary love language and you can deepen your connection by learning about their preferences and make them feel loved and cared for.


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