There are three dimensions to what we call “reality”. (1) The Real or essence, which exists independent of human knowledge or an observer, representing the underlying generative (causal) mechanisms or structures or fields (or powers) that co-create the flux of phenomena (events). These are themselves depth-stratified or layered (e.g., mechanisms of the inorganic world, the biosphere, and the sociosphere). (2) The Actual (expression), representing events that we are aware of whether observed or not (e.g. the Big Bang, the French Revolution, a human action). (3) The Empirical (experiences), representing empirical observations of events (e.g., what one sees through a microscope, knows through experiments that repeatedly produce the same results, or in historical documents). In our Integral mindfulness group, we will explore to what extent our mind co-creates our perceptions and interpretations--and thus reality--and what we can alter by changing our mind, and what we can’t.


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