There are seven different forms and intensities of love. They are created through a combination of intimacy, passion and commitment that vary in intensity for each partner. You may visualize these three ingredients of love as a metaphorical triangle. If your triangle of love is shaped differently than that of your partner, the kind of love and care that you expect is different from what he is available to give. That does not mean that he does not love and care for you, he just does it in a way that does not resonate with you, and most likely vice versa. To solve this problem, you both need to bring awareness into your misaligned triangles so that you can co-create the same form and intensity of love, which may reach from friendship to infatuation, dependence, romantic love, crazy love, and companionate love. You can then advance towards the highest form of integral love by developing the capacity for healthy intimacy, passion and commitment. 

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