Book to learn about and explore the fourth and fifth stage of consciousness development and how they impact our love relationships.

The fourth stage is called conformist. It seeks to satisfy our needs for stability, order, purpose, hope, recognition, right and wrong morals, and future rewards for right behavior. It does that through establishing law and order, including clearly divided gender roles and rules that women and men are called to conform with. These rules and roles are often based in religious and other myths about humans and the world, such as “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, rather than rationality.

The fifth stage is called rational. It establishes objective reasoning, scientific methods, individual freedom and responsibility, and democratic capitalism to satisfy our needs for individual choice, pursuing success through taking controlled risks, personal liberty, individuality, equality, rights, self-expression, and seeking the good life through pursuing material abundance, higher educations, objective information, successful careers, making money, and thinking win-win. The focus in these relationships is often to augment the couple’s quality of life, social status, and worldly success, and supporting each other to reach their individual goals.

We will look at the healthy needs and expressions of each of these two stages, and the unhealthy aspects and limited views that lead to relationship conflicts and breakups.


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