By getting into a dialog with the different negative voices in your head. This process is called Voice Dialog. It was developed by Hal and Sidra Stone in 1972 and advanced by Genpo Roshi in 1999. The first step is to recognize the different voices and to speak with them in honoring and respectful ways. After all, they hold important information about yourself, and fighting them only makes them fight back stronger. This dialog allows you to step out of limiting self-concepts and into an awareness of your many different sub-selves (emotions/mental states), called your Ego or false sense of self. You then become guided by the ever-present transcendent states of consciousness beyond your conditioned Ego, such as compassion, connection, gratitude, vision, intuition, creativity, wisdom, and love. These guides are not heard as conflicting negative thoughts internally. Instead they are felt when the ego noise is transcended. They can then be intuited through present moment awareness without judgment as an inner knowingness or subtle whispers that guide us. Join us for our Integral Mindfulness group to be guided through the voice dialog process and awaken to your transcendental self.


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