We will begin our exploration by understanding that pain is an essential bodily function that is important for our health and survival. Without pain, we would not notice when we touch something hot that burns our skin, cut or crush a limb, bite our lips or tongue, have an infected tooth, or otherwise get physically hurt or hurt ourselves. We will then look at emotional pain such as fear, loss, shame, heartbreak or depression, and how these feelings play an important function in our lives. This will lead us to the question of suffering. We will see that suffering is the result of non-acceptance and non-surrender to what is in the present moment. This leads us to either blaming and judging ourselves, for example by feeling stupid, or projecting it onto others by hurting them back. This insight will allow us to appreciate our pain and respond to it in ways that help us to learn, heal, grow and awaken. This way, suffering from pain becomes optional and we can avoid it in the future instead of feeling victimized and creating new pain and suffering for ourselves and others.


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