Book to learn and practice why Love relationships matter, not only for our own well-being, but also for others and humanity at large, and how to create your personal path to relationship success, no matter if you are single or with a partner.

The three primary reasons why people want to fall in love and be in a relationship are—in the widest sense—time, money, and sex.

Six more reasons why love relationships matter:

1. On a personal level they matter to our soulmate(s):

There is overwhelming evidence that, in addition to exercise and a healthy diet, people who live their Biological Purpose in happy long-term relationships enjoy greater physical health, emotional stability, sexual satisfaction, longevity (especially for men), financial stability, higher social status, and lowered stress hormones, to name a few. Living and sharing our Transcendental Purpose holds additional health benefits and makes modern and postmodern relationships more stable. Even if we may not be personally interested in all these benefits, it matters to our (potential) soulmate that we develop the capacities to be in a healthy love relationship.

2. On a spiritual/soul level they matter for future generations:

Our existence is the result of Billions of years of co-creation and procreation that is driven by the co-creative impulse (or spirit, consciousness, Eros, God, or whatever we may believe in), with our unique human capacities for ongoing learning, healing, growing, awakening, and creating more goodness, truth, beauty, and functioning, which emerged through the female sexual and  selection process. In our unconditioned spiritual nature or essence, we are the biological and memetic link from the past to the future through living our Biological, Growth, and Transcendental “Souls” purpose. Thus, from a spiritual/soul perspective or whatever brought us into existence it matters to future generations that we transcend our Ego to live our Biological, Growth, and Transcendental “Souls” purpose with an equal and opposite partner

3. On a social level they matter for functioning societies:

The misconception that humans are isolated individual “social atoms” or products of cultural and social “macro-systems” instead of “holonic” (simultaneously whole and partial) relational beings, leads to many of the challenges in the private and public spheres that we face today. Thus, healthy relationships between couples with equal rights and responsibilities in the public and domestic sphere matter for functioning societies.

4. On a demographic level they matter to older people and future generations:

Over-aging societies lead to increasing instability and bankruptcy of social systems and loneliness. Thus, it not only matters to the unborn to be born, but also to aging generations that there are enough younger people can care for them. Thus, co-creation and procreation at all levels of consciousness development matters to shift the center of gravity towards higher levels.

5. On a consciousness level they matter for cultural evolution:

There is enough evidence that people at earlier levels of consciousness development procreate more than people at later levels. This leads to a regression of the center of gravity in cultural development in many modern and postmodern societies, as they fail to support children who are born into families at earlier levels to realize their full potentials. Thus, co-creation and procreation at all levels of consciousness development matters to shift the center of gravity towards higher levels.

6. From an integral perspective they matter for sustainable holonic structures:

As we see below, healthy sustainable holonic structures depend on development in all four quadrants between couples, and not just in the left interior quadrants of individuals, which is a major deficit in integral theory and most other consciousness raising approaches. Thus, sustainable co-creation and procreation between couples who form families and communities matter for stable holarchic structures.

Co-create a healthy, sustainable love relationship with a shared purpose that makes the world a better place by integrating all the elements of the Integral Relationship model.

Practice how to find or attract your ideal partner, how to grow inside an existing relationship, or how to consciously end your relationship if it is not serving your biological and transcendental purpose.
Define your individual path to a healthy, sustainable, integral love relationship.

If you are single this will lead you to falling in love with a partner who is good for you.
Couples learn more about their existing partnership and how to improve and deepen it through ongoing learning, growing, healing, awakening, and contributing to a better world that is larger than either individual.
You will discover and find answers to vital questions such as what qualities you want to develop and what blocks you want to remove in order to be in a physically, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually rewarding and fulfilling love relationship.


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