Learn and practice how to create your personal roadmap to relationship success, no matter if you are single or with a partner. Co-create a healthy, sustainable love relationship with a shared purpose that makes the world a better place by integrating all the elements of the Integral Relationship model. Practice how to find or attract your ideal partner, how to grow inside an existing relationship, or how to consciously end your relationship if it is not serving your biological and transcendental purpose. Define your individual path to a healthy, sustainable, integral love relationship. If you are single this will lead you to falling in love with a partner who is good for you. Couples learn more about their existing partnership and how to improve and deepen it through ongoing learning, growing, healing, awakening, and contributing to a better world that is larger than either individual. You will discover and find answers to vital questions such as what qualities you want to develop and what blocks you want to remove in order to be in a physically, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually rewarding and fulfilling love relationship.


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