Book to learn and realize why being in a healthy sustainable Integral Love Relationship not only matters for your own well-being and flourishing, but also for that of your soulmate, humanity, and future generations.

Recognize that all functional systems are created by wholes who are parts of larger wholes, like whole humans who are parts of healthy couples, who are parts of functional families, who are parts of thriving communities, who are parts of successful societies/nations, who are parts of a peaceful and sustainable world and future of humanity.

See why we can only practice our simultaneous wholeness and partialness at all levels of our being in a healthy love relationship.

Realize how the increasing number of singles around the world who are unable or unwilling to form healthy love relationships, and the resulting rapidly declining birthrates in modern and postmodern societies, are the underlying cause for the erosion of human bonds and social order, increasingly dysfunctional economic and political systems, environmental destruction, and civil and national wars.

Become part of the solution instead of part of the problem by charting your personal path to relationship success, no matter if you are single or with a partner, and to teach it to others.

Engage in an exercise how to co-create a healthy Integral Soulmate Relationship (see image below.)



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