Book to learn and practice how not to fall in love with someone who is bad for you, and you for him or her, unless you want to.

Identify possible symptoms of personality disorders.

Choose how to respond to people who display symptoms, especially in love relationships.

Distinguish between challenging “negative” emotional reactions that all couples experience in their love relationships from time to time and the erratic behaviors of people with more serious personality disorders and other pathologies.

Understand that the former are caused when old wounds are triggered and can be usually healed through therapeutic work.

Realize that the latter are marked by patterns of ongoing instability of moods, self-image, and behavior that usually cannot be addressed through therapy and result in impulsive actions and unstable relationships.

Accept that symptoms of personality disorders tend to worsen over time and are often defended by the afflicted individuals as being normal and appropriate, even though the expression of those symptoms have affected their day-to-day life, and especially their intimate love relationships, in negative and often devastating ways for many years.

Learn how to identify the three most common personality disorders.

Avoid the pattern of the “22 stages of decline” that relationships between highly conscious empaths who are in love with afflicted partners usually descend through.

Prevent yourself from falling in love with people who have personality disorders (unless you want to, which can be quite exciting and transformational), and learn how to support them in managing their challenges by showing compassion while maintaining healthy boundaries.


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