Book to learn about and explore the sixth stage of consciousness development and how it impacts our love relationships.

This stage allows for greater compassion, idealism, and involvement. A sense that all human beings—regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, or class—are born equal and should be equally treated, heard, and respected becomes prevalent.

People at this stage are against hierarchy/patriarchy and establish lateral social structures with an emphasis on feminine qualities such as communion, empathy, peace, non-violent or compassionate communication, and consensus among all. There is an increasing sense that all souls are connected in a big web of life, and a deep caring for mother earth and all its inhabitants emerges. Along with this deep sense of caring connectedness comes the desire to find peace and happiness within, which triggers an exploration of the feelings and inner experiences of the self and others, with an increasing attention to the unconscious and subjective.

The potential downside of this approach is that rationality is dismissed, the feminine is established as superior to the masculine, that it can lead to forms of new-age narcissism and relativism, and that discussions can go on endlessly with all parties adding divergent observations and feelings without ever achieving consensus and reaching decisions, which often makes love relationships unstable.

We will look at the healthy needs and expressions of this stage, and the unhealthy aspects and limited views that lead to relationship conflicts and breakups.


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