How we approach to answer this existential question first depends on our belief in nihilism, creationism, evolutionary theory, intelligent design, or a co-creative impulse. Out of our answer typically arise different viewpoints about our biological purpose/imperative of survival, procreation, group forming, territorialism, competition/cooperation, and quality of life seeking. 

Some people awaken to the additional realization that there is a purpose that goes beyond our biological purpose. This purpose usually falls in the realm of learning, healing, growing, and/or awakening, and to contributing to a better world through creating more goodness, truth, beauty or functioning. This purpose has been given many names, such as spirits purpose, unique purpose, higher/God’s purpose, real/true purpose, soul’s purpose, evolutionary purpose, authentic purpose or universe’s purpose. Which of these origins of purpose individuals resonate with, how they identify or awaken to it, and how they enact it in their lives largely depends on their level of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

In this week’s Integral Mindfulness Group, we will share our core beliefs about the existence of the  universe and our human existence in it, how they inform our views about purpose, and how we choose to live our lives.


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