It may not be important to you personally, but it is important for the rest of us. Like all living beings, you already live the essential parts of your purpose; to survive, to join groups, and to seek the best possible quality of life or happiness. Finding and living your purpose beyond this biological imperative is ultimately your choice. Research clearly shows that people who develop the capacity to be in thriving long-term love relationships, raise healthy children, engage in ongoing learning, healing, growing and awakening, and live a purpose that serves others by creating more goodness, truth, beauty or functioning are happier and live longer. Even if this does not sound important to you, as a humanity we need you and as many other people as possible to procreate at sustainable rates, raise their children in functional families and communities, and to share their unique gifts to make the world a better place. In other words, it is important to us that you become part of the solution by living your life’s purpose instead of being part of the problems.


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