Book to learn about and experience five state-stages of sexual development, ranging from repressed to sacred/tantric. Understand why it is vital for thriving love relationships that couples are at least at level four, the “making love” stage. For them, sexuality is an expression of their deep heart connection and caring relationship. They make regular and ample time and to create a warm environment for their lovemaking and know how to get each other “in the mood”. Furthermore, they engage in ongoing learning about each other’s sexual needs and desires, push their boundaries in healthy ways, heal emotional wounds, transcend fears and shame around their sexuality, and keep advancing their love-life to keep it vital, and exciting.
In level five, sexuality becomes part of a deep spiritual practice and soul connection between a couple. They practice to become fully present with each other through shared meditation, prolonged eye gazing, breathing together into their seven chakras, chanting and praying together, giving and receiving tantric massages, making love in the lotus position, and moving kundalini energy up their spine.

Join us for an intimate partner meditation, gentle unconditional touch, and a verbal exploration of the five state-stages of sexual development through questions and answers. This will allow you to identify your own and the level of your partner’s sexual expression and to realize your healing and growth potentials.


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