Book to learn and practice how to identify and share your biological purpose and transformational purpose in a healthy love relationship.

Reveal your belief in creationism, evolutionary theory, intelligent design, or a co-creative life force that fundamentally shapes your views on your life’s purpose, and the importance of love relationships and procreation.

Share your experiences and needs around your biological purpose or imperative of survival, procreation, group-forming, territorialism, competition and cooperation, and quality-of-life-seeking.

Realize how the unique ways of living your biological purpose lead to what you desire in a partner and the formation of transactional, asymmetrical, need-based love relationships.

Gain insights about the dialectic of love between the first and second, third and fourth, and fifth and sixth chakras.

Avoid getting into master-slave dynamics in your love relationships.

See how advancing into living and sharing your transformational purpose of learning, healing, growing, and awakening with an equal and opposite partner leads to being-based transformational love relationships along the seven chakras and understand how these relationships typically unfold.


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