Book to learn and practice how to fall in love with someone good for you, and you for him or her, by understanding eight forms of love, six levels of dependence, and five states or phases of love.

Realize that the eight forms of love are experienced through a combination of three essential ingredients:

(1) various levels of “interior” intimacy (into-me-you-see) which are determined by the level of consciousness, and spiritual and emotional development of each partner;

(2) various degrees of “exterior” passion, which are created through hormones when your primary sexual fantasies are met;

(3) various degrees of dependence, ranging from unhealthy co-dependence to healthier forms of dependence, independence, and interbeing, to inter-becoming at higher levels of spiritual realizations and shared purpose.

See that when you draw lines to represent the degrees of intimacy, passion, and dependence that you and your partner experience, you can form three metaphorical triangles of love for each of you—one for the reality, one for the projected ideals, and one for your intentions in the relationship.

Successfully navigate the various states or phases of falling in love that are driven by “love” hormones.

Understand that individuals can be in different phases and experience them in different durations and intensities as they get to know each other and become increasingly intimate, passionate, and committed.

Co-create a lasting, healthy, and happy love relationship through understanding the form, dependence, and phase of love that you and your date or partner are in.


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