Relationship experts tell us that only about 3% of the adult population enjoy long-term, happy relationships (50% are single, 20% are happy in their relationship right now, 50% will end up in divorce).  We may call this a National Crisis.  Albert Einstein said, "The significant problems that we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking [consciousness] we were at when we created them."  We now have the tools available for women and men to make the shift in consciousness to grow the number of happy couples to a tipping point of 10%.

Calling In "The One" is a proven 7 week book course that allows women to clear away the obstacles to a loving relationship and to attract the love of their life.  Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men (click here for reviews and 50% book discount) allows men to meet women at their level of consciousness as an opposite and equal partner.  Taken together, they provide a path for singles and couples to healthy sustainable love relationships.


Benefits of healthy relationships:

Living together makes our ecological footprint smaller and so reduces pollution of our environment. Sharing two incomes and material resources (car, home, appliances, etc.) allows us to work less, be more financially secure, and be more fulfillment-oriented, all of which reduces stress.  Most couples receive tax breaks and many other financial incentives (e.g., insurance, two for one offers, etc.).  Many chores take the same time being done for one or two people (e.g., shopping, maintaining a home, cooking) which gives couples more leisure time.  Married men and women are on average more successful at work, get promoted more often, and receive higher performance appraisals.  Supporting each other in daily life (driving to the Doctor, maintaining a home, etc.) makes us less dependent on paid services.

Couples tend to be physically healthier than singles because they look out for each other--evidenced by their longer average live spans.  Monogamous couples have less risk to contract STDs. A healthy sex life relieves stress, boosts the immune system, burns calories, improves cardiovascular health, boosts self esteem, improves intimacy, reduces pain (releases oxytocin), reduces prostate cancer risk, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, promotes vaginal health, and helps us sleep better (from webMD).

If we know better, we do better. In our modern and postmodern information age, two people combining their knowledge in different areas of life empowers them and makes them more successful.

We can only heal our relationship wounds in relationships. Roger Walsh, in dialog with Ken Wilber said:  "Relationships aimed at recognizing and releasing psychological, spiritual and developmental limitations are invaluable.  There are many forms of relationships, however, perhaps the supreme method for obtaining second person feedback are intimate relationships and marriage." And Eckhart Tolle: "Avoidance of [love] relationships in an attempt to avoid pain is not the answer either. The pain is there anyway."

Being in a committed healthy love relationship is seen by most western spiritual teachers and evolutionaries--who are mostly married--as the best place to practice ego transcendence (ascending) and compassion (descending) . They maintain that the proof of the depth and embodiment of our spiritual realization will be seen in the quality of our love relationships (e.g. Adyashanti and Eckhart Tolle).

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