Book to learn and practice how to become emotionally available and deepen your love relationship by taking full responsibility for your primary emotional fight, flight, or freeze reactions to your partner’s reality, instead of projecting them outward onto him or her through blaming.

Separate your observations and perceptions from your emotional reactions.

Realize that your partner is not “creating” painful emotions and feelings in you, but rather “stimulates” or “triggers” already present unconscious psychological wounds and trauma in you.

Create a space between these triggers and your response, instead of reacting from your wounded self.

Get in touch with underlying vulnerable and painful feelings that are protected by your primary emotional reactions.

Integrate your feelings by differentiating and (re-)owning them (I have feelings, but I am not my feelings) instead of dissociating, repressing, denying, ignoring, or splitting them off.

Re-enter the communication with your partner in a sensible and vulnerable way that is not defended by your unconscious wounds, trauma, and unrealized potentials once you feel calmer and more in tune with yourself, instead of fighting and separating.

Enjoy the benefits of this “undefended love” approach that leads to increasing peace, joy, aliveness, vulnerability, compassion, intimacy, and connection in all your relationships.

Become ready for the deep healing process, in practice Module 19, through facing your false beliefs and deepest fears and recognizing your true identity.


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