Book to learn and practice how to awaken to, identify, live, and share your transcendental purpose that goes beyond your biological and transformational purpose.

Reap the physical and psychological benefits from living your transformational purpose, such as increased lifespan, meaning, contentment, and love.

Remove psychological blocks that may prevent you from awakening to, identifying, living, and sharing your transcendental purpose.

Align yourself with your natural talents for empathy, intelligence, creativity, or kinesthetic abilities.

Understand how these talents became genetically encoded through the female sexual selection process of our ancestors and handed down to you through the process of meiosis.

See how your physical and skill development formed the potentials for expressing your natural talents.

Use one or more of the five discovery methods that resonate most with you to identify or clarify your transcendental purpose.

Recognize the depth of expression, level of calling, and stage of maturity of living and sharing your transcendental purpose.

Focus your passion and skills where you can have the greatest impact to make the world a better place.

Combine your strengths for creating more goodness, truth, beauty, and functioning with your soulmate who shares your transcendental purpose in an inter-becoming- based transcendental love relationship.


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