Book to learn and practice how to awaken to, identify, and live your transcendental purpose that goes beyond your biological purpose. It has two expressions: One is learning, healing, growing, and awakening in the context of a growth-oriented inter-being love relationship. The other is contributing to making the world a better place through creating more goodness, truth, beauty, or functioning. What we call transcendental purpose has been given many other names, such as spirits purpose, unique purpose, higher/God’s purpose, real/true purpose, soul’s purpose, evolutionary purpose, authentic purpose, or universe’s purpose. Which of the names and underlying concepts individuals resonate with, which methods they use to identify or awaken to their purpose, and how they enact it in their lives largely depends on their level of consciousness development and spiritual awareness. Identifying, living and sharing your transcendental purpose with an equal and opposite partner allows you to co-create a inter-becoming based transcendental love relationship.


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