Love and relationships between humans are always conditional, because, unlike animals like penguins, we are self-conscious and have developing minds with changing needs and desires. True and permanent, or unconditional love, only exists as a potential when we become fully present and surrender to everything that arises inside and outside of us without judgement. It is the difference between localized love as a temporary and shifting state and universal love as a permanent and stable stage. Even if a couple has awoken to the capacity for unconditional true and permanent love, their relationship may still be conditional and end, even if they continue to love each other. To co-create a permanent modern or postmodern love relationship, it is essential to become integrally informed about all facets of human love and relationships, to be with an equal and opposite partner, to have an imperative for ongoing learning, healing, growing, and awakening as a couple, to share a vision and transcendental purpose that is larger than either individual, and to co-create at the level of all seven chakras in the four dimensions of our being by balancing and harmonizing feminine and masculine polarities. In these relationships, couples not only love their partner (unconditionally), but even more so what is uniquely co-created between them. Like winning the jackpot in the lottery, this may happen without effort for a few lucky people. For the rest of us, it will require a lifelong effort to live our purpose and to make our love relationship into an art. We have the knowledge and tools available, but need to learn how to use them effectively.


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