By focusing on what is alive and co-created between you and your partner in all dimensions of your being at the level of your seven chakras. The first step is that you and your partner become fully aware of your surroundings, body sensations, thoughts, feelings, and desires in the present moment. You then both share them openly with each other without judgment. In the next step you both intuitively feel into the shared resonances in these dimensions and express them. This will open up potentials for co-creative, novel emergencies or advancements into novelty that reveal the shared purpose for your relationship. Even though sometimes people say that there is no “me” in “we”, this is not true. The larger “we”, where the sum of the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts, is co-created by two unique “me’s” with a shared resonance and synergy, just as two or more atoms create a molecule, or two or more letters create a word. You can then expand this practice to the level of all seven chakras. The more shared resonance and co-creation there is between you and your partner in the we-space at each level, the more authentic and unconditional love you will experience for each other and what is uniquely co-created between the two of you. In the areas where there is no resonance, you retain your me-autonomy instead of losing yourself in the relationship. This feels quite different from needing each other for your well being or becoming codependent or lost in the relationship.


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