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After all the theory and "mansplaining" during our first four web jams (see videos here), I had a conversation with Authors Maria Appelqvist and Belinda Busteed Burum about what makes love work, and why so many women no longer want to be in a relationship.

Conscious Love: Soulful and Intimate Connections by Maria is a book for aspiring women and men who want to find the formula for creating thriving relationships based on soulful love and intimate connection. The book is built around interviews with eight well-known conscious couples.

Conscious Love will inspire you to see that MORE is indeed available when you leap into the faith and trust that your conscious wisdom will guide you in how to create a loving relationship.

The book outlines the major difference between two paradigms: the romantic ideal that has dominated our perception of how to create relationships compared to the conscious way of understanding relationships. By reading this book you will learn:
Why you might feel stuck, separated and disconnected even though you have an intimate relationship and partner in your life
How to understand consciousness and conscious love
How conscious couples handle difficulties in their relationship
Throughout the book you will access the eight interviews for FREE as a bonus.

Finding Love After 40: Real Stories About Real Love in the Prime of Life (and a Little Beyond) by Belinda Busteed Burum is for you if you think you're too old for love or that you'll never find "the one," think again -- and get this inspiring, engaging, must-read book.

A #1 International Amazon Best Seller and IndieReader Best Reviewed Book, Finding Love After 40 will convince you that love is possible at any age. Dozens of fun, relatable and refreshingly honest stories reveal how a range of "normal" and famous couples found the most fulfilling love of their lives in midlife and even into their 90s.

The book also shares insights and advice from experts, many of whom also found love later in life. If you've given up on love or know someone who needs a little encouragement, this book is for you.

Even if you're under 40 (read it first, then give it to your mom!) or in your 50s, 60s,70s or well beyond, the book will give you hope and guide you to your own insights about how to find love. A great gift to yourself or someone you care about.

I look forward to connecting and exploring with you around our topic of the week.

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