Your soul is like the seed of a plant. It holds your full human potential, just like an acorn holds the potential to grow into an oak tree. Soulmates uniquely see each other's full human potentials and complement and challenge each other to realize it. These potentials fall in three broad categories: The first is biological; to survive, to be part of a group, to procreate, to compete and cooperate, and to seek the maximum quality of life. This includes a healthy lifestyle, healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, courage balanced with consideration, and ability to earn money to enjoy a responsible comfortable lifestyle. The second is to learn, heal, grow and awaken to become their best versions intellectually, psychologically, consciously and spiritually. The third is to awaken, living and sharing their life’s purpose that creates more goodness, truth, beauty or functioning and is put in service of others to make the world a better place. Sadly, most people are not in touch with their souls potential and desires. To know what to look for in your soulmate and to attract him or her, you first need to feel into your unrealized potentials in these three areas. This is best done in writing, and maybe by creating a vision board. You can then create a clear dating profile, share it with friends and maybe online, remove all the inner and outer barriers to attract/find your soulmate and live your life accordingly as best as you can on your own.


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