There can be multiple reasons, or a combination of them. Naturally, becoming integrally informed and experienced is the foundation for identifying resolving any relationship conflict. Below are a few reasons why you struggle:
The first may be that you may have unresolved childhood wounds and trauma that get triggered over and over, and are never “owned” by you or your partner and healed. We address this issue through a five-step process to identify and heal these wounds.
The second reason may be that you don’t know how to resolve conflicts in a way that meets each of your needs. We address this issue through compassionate communication.
The third reason may be that the problems you face cannot be solved at the level of consciousness that you were at when you first met and fell in love. In this case, the solution lies at the next higher level of consciousness development. You can address this issue through a process in which you identify your own and your partner’s level of consciousness.
The fourth reason may be that you are at different levels of spiritual, sexual, or anima and animus complex development. This is tricky, as the less evolved partner cannot understand the partner at the later stage of development and would have to advance to his or her level.
A fifth reason may be that you have different personality types and are not aware how to use them to create synergy instead of conflict.
A sixth reason may be that you went down the fear-shame spiral and don’t know how to reverse the process to find back to love and romance.
A seventh reason may the that old attachment wounds get triggered and you don’t know how to move towards secure attachment. 
Last but not least, it is helpful to identify if the conflicts arise from intentional, behavioral, moral, or social differences.


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