Book to learn and practice how to build a solid foundation for a healthy sustainable Integral Love Relationship. Realize that four essential dimensions of your human being and relating come into intimate contact with each other when you fall in love and enter a committed romantic relationship, regardless of whether or not you and your partner are consciously aware of them. See how these four dimensions are arranged in four quadrants:

  1. Your individual, subjective, interior mind and feelings, represented by the Upper Left quadrant.
  2. Your collective, inter-subjective, interior cultural background, values, and communication, represented by the Lower Left quadrant.
  3. Your individual, objective, exterior physical body and behavior, represented by the Upper Right quadrant.
  4. Your collective, inter-objective, exterior social environment, represented by the Lower Right quadrant.

Understand why it is foundational for any healthy love relationship to integrate, balance, and harmonize these four dimensions.

Notice whether you and your partner are attracted to each other and focused on co-creating in only one or two of these four dimensions/quadrants, while neglecting or ignoring the others, or focused on co-creating in all of them.

Avoid potential relationship conflicts and breakdowns, especially when you focus on relating and co-creating in different dimensions: for example, one of you on the Upper Right physical/sexual and Lower Left cultural, and the other on the Upper Left mental and Lower Right social dimensions.

Experience all four dimensions in an embodied exercise.


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