Book to learn and practice how to build a solid foundation for a healthy sustainable Integral love relationship.

Realize in an exercise that when we fall in love and enter into a committed relationship, four essential dimensions of our human beings get into intimate contact with each other.

  1. Our individual interior minds, feelings, vision, intention, etc. (shown in the upper left dimension).
  2. Our individual exterior physical bodies, behaviors, truths, etc. (shown in the upper right dimension).
  3. Our collective interior cultural conditioning and values, including family, friends, colleagues, and community (shown in the lower-left dimension).
  4. Our collective exterior social environment, such as food, clothing, home, money, transportation, job, etc. (shown in the lower right dimension).

Often, couples are attracted to each other and focused on only one or two of these four dimensions/quadrants, while neglecting or ignoring the others. This creates relationship conflicts and breakdowns, especially when partners focus on different dimensions, for example, one of them on the physical and cultural, and the other on the mind and social.
In an Integral Relationship, both partners balance and harmonize all four dimensions in healthy ways, and learn, heal, grow, awaken, and manifest together.


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