Image above: Five State/Stages of Waking Up and Eight Stages of Growing Up (a.k.a. Wilber-Combs Matrix/Lattice)

Book to learn and practice how to identify five states of spiritual experiences or “waking up” through a guided meditation.

Realize how these state experiences are interpreted differently from eight levels of consciousness development or “growing up,” and how they impact your love relationships.

Become inspired to make these temporary state experiences into permanently accessibly state-stages through a daily mindfulness meditation practice.

Explore five states or realms of spiritual awakening or realization, as identified by Eastern wisdom traditions and described by Ken Wilber in his many books.

Strengthen your witnessing self or “subject” during a guided meditation by becoming fully present with “gross” physical objects and your body, your breath, your “subtle” thoughts/mind, and your “causal” mystical pure being, spiritual essence, or soul, before you become one with the “pure witness” or subject that cannot be made into an object, witnessed, or thought and talked about, but only pointed to.

Fully awaken to end your own suffering and the suffering you create for others by freeing yourself from any desire, attachment, delusion, and hatred—even about “enlightenment”—through disidentifying from objects in your consciousness.

Integrate the four state-stages into nondual awareness by avoiding the spiritual bypassing (page 183) of dissociating, repressing, denying, rejecting, or splitting off, and, instead, embracing everything and avoiding nothing in present moment-to-moment awareness, without judgment.

Have one of the most important insights of the Integral (Relationship) model—how the five state-stages of “waking up” are interpreted differently from each of the eight stages of consciousness development or “growing up”—in order to understand why we may deeply resonate and fall in love with a partner on a spiritual level, but struggle to co-create a healthy love relationship because of differing needs, values, concerns, and worldviews, and because of spiritual bypassing.

See how you can further grow and awaken in the four dimensions of your being in an Integral Love Relationship with an equal and opposite partner.


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