Book to explore and learn about the first three of eight stages of consciousness development and how they impact our love relationships.

The first Archaic (Beige/Infrared) stage deals with our needs and fears around survival issues, such as food, shelter, physical health, work, sex, and fight-flight-freeze reactions, which form the foundation of many love relationships.

The second Magic (Purple Magenta) stage addresses the magical and mysterious aspects of love relationships, and our needs for safety. It also encapsulates potential narcissistic tendencies between new lovers that are characterized by selfishness, a sense of unrealistic entitlement, a lack of empathy for others, and a need for admiration. People who are exclusively at this stage of development are often insecure and superstitious, and engage in magical thinking.

The third Egocentric (Red) stage is covers our need for instant gratification, boundaries, power, autonomy, control, and free will.

We will look at the healthy needs and expressions of each of these first three stages, and also the unhealthy aspects and limited views that lead to relationship conflicts and breakups.


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