Couples in healthy, sustainable Integral Love Relationships co-create a sustainable and peaceful future for all humanity.


Supporting singles and couples in co-creating healthy, sustainable Integral Love Relationships with a shared purpose that makes the world a better place. We do this through this website, our integral singles dating wesbite, free newsletters, books, events, online trainings, and coaching.

What is an Integral Relationship?

In an Integral Love Relationship, (1) equal and opposite partners realize their fullest human potentials through ongoing (2) learning, healing, growing, and awakening in (3) the four dimensions of their being by (4) balancing and harmonizing healthy feminine and masculine polarities and (5) sharing their biological and transcendental purpose at (6) the level of all seven chakras to make the world a better place through (7) co-creating more goodness, truth, beauty, and functioning.
The word Integral means essential, fundamental or necessary for completion. Integral Love Relationships are unique, because they build on the insight that adults have the potential for ongoing learning, healing, growing and awakening (or in other words inter-becoming) in four dimensions that are “integral” to their being. The four “integral” dimension are:

  1. The individual interior subjective/experiential “I” or mind.
  2. The individual exterior objective/material “it” or form/body.
  3. The collective interior inter-subjective “we” or shared values/culture.
  4. The collective exterior inter-objective “its” social environment.

These four dimensions are shown as four quadrants on the right and are combined into the metaphorical triangle of love. Integral couples co-create and love each other in all these four dimensions at all levels of their being and those that they will develop and grow into in the future.

The “integral” levels and future healing and growth potentials are shown in the graphic below the quadrants:

  • Eight levels of consciousness development from Archaic to Transpersonal as shown on the left side of the graphic on the right (click here for more).
  • Balancing and harmonizing healthy feminine and masculine polarities as show by the two lines next to it (more).
  • Five Horizontal stages of spiritual, sexual and anima/animus complex development as indicated by the five little boxes for each level of consciousness.
  • Personality types such as Love Languages and Ennegram or Meyers Briggs types.

Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men provides a clear road-map for this ongoing learning, healing, growing, and awakening process. Being integrally informed allows men (and curious women) to reduce their suffering by meeting their partner at his or her level of development and to co-create healthy, sustainable love relationships that make the world a better place.




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